As such. More of an observation. And something I’ve been pondering.

It’s to do with submissions. To do with us writers sending off our stuff to try to be published in good places. In the places we like to go. The mags, journals, ezines we like to read.
And really, it’s just one aspect of the process, which I should add doesn’t always happen, that I’ve been thinking about.
It’s this. 
You send something out (to somewhere you know, you enjoy and you respect). You get no acknowledgement that your piece has arrived with them (it probably says so in the guidelines). After X amount of time (say, three months as an average) the guidelines say you’re allowed to query. So you query. Politely. You get nothing back. You leave it another few weeks before emailing again. Still nothing. So you withdraw the piece, by email, and get no response to that either.
By which time four months have passed. And you’ve had no contact. It’s like your story’s been in a void for getting on for half a year. Strange.
And it really isn’t a criticism, though I think that in a lot of cases things could be better for us writers. I know editors are busy, I know they receive plenty of submissions. I know they have procedures in place and that it’s in their interests to get things read as soon as they can and that they’ve mags to run and lives to live and that everyone else submitting is, theoretically, in the same position. I know they’re underpaid (um, like us writers).
It just feels like a strange situation. And I thought I’d share.
Any thoughts?