The venue’s booked for the launch of my writing group’s latest collection/open mic/reading night (if you’re in the area and fancy coming down drop me a line and I’ll let you have the details – the venue’s not the biggest so space will be limited), so that’s good.

But the children’s writing group I was planning to do at a library next year aint happening. Something to do with not wanting me to charge people for coming to a series of writing workshops run by an author and workshop leader – with a book of their work being produced at the end. And that’s disappointing, mostly because it’s nothing to do with the library itself or its staff (who’ve been terrifically supportive of these initiatives over the past few years). Decisions like these always come from above. I’m sure they have their reasons.

The other shame of it is there’s been a big push over these past few years of trying to get readers and writers together.

Oh well, there’s still the town’s four yearly festival next year. I’m sure they’ll get back to me soon. I have been waiting since this time last year. Should I hold my breath?


And on top of that I’ve had to withdraw a story from a place I really like because, you know, nearly four months of waiting’s just too much.

And I’m feeling like withdrawing a few others as well. Waiting months and months for a decision’s fine (though not ideal) if that’s what it says in the guidelines, but waiting months for responses to emails you’re invited to send to see if your story’s with them is pretty frustrating.