Of Mystery Insects and Terrific News

We went to a reservoir yesterday, and it was lovely (well, mostly, a bird did poo on my head but that’s another story). There were lots of birds, cormorants, herons, chaffinch, treecreepers, grebes, goldeneyes, a lesser whitethroat – even jumping fish. And this:

Anyone got any idea what it is?
I’ll bet those of you who asked for more pictures on the blog didn’t expect a humdinger like this one, did you?
And the terrific news is that Jenn Ashworth is going to have a book out. I’m a big fan of hers so I am totally thrilled; and what makes it even nicer is that she’s a lovely lady. Three cheers for Jenn.
Also, speaking of top people with books due out, there’s a cool post on Sarah’s journal by Tania Hershman which is well worth a read.