I was Going To

I had planned to post an essay on doing school visits here today and even started writing it, but got to 300 words or so and decided that it really wasn’t happening and that I should probably try it some other time. And I will; it’s just a bit frustrating because I meant to do it ages ago.


I’ve had a busy, yet distracting week. I’ve been wanting to get a synopsis done for my little novel while I’m in between drafts, but have been distracted by a short story that demanded to be written, various edits and some workshop planning. And all while feeling tired and groggy and irritable with this laryngitis. At least my voice has all but returned.

Anyway, it’s just started to rain lightly which, believe it or not, is really quite pleasant.

I hope to have something more interesting and cohesive for you soon. And I might mention the wonderful eye of certain editors – how fantastically, magically, wonderfully helpful they can be, and how frustrating it can be for a writer to not get acknowledgements of receipt or decisions on their submitted work.